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The declining number of police in schools concerns parents

Story by: Barrett Herrig

School shootings in Newton have surfaced an issue with the number of cops in Minnesota schools.

Since our nations recession hit in 2007, funding for school resource officers or SROs has dropped.

After the school shooting in Newton, CT recently, parents have, once again, become concerned about their children’s safety at school. With a police officer at school, it makes them feel better about dropping their kids off at the doors.

SROs do more than just prevent shootings. They handle drug problems, bullying, theft and the list goes on.

Making a choice
Schools have tough decisions to make when it comes to handling the safety of it’s students.

Some hire an SRO, others save money by hiring a private security officer and many others employ nobody at all.

The average SRO costs $70,500 where a security officer costs $23,000 less.
It would cost $138 million a year if all 1,968 public schools in Minnesota employed an SRO.

Benefits of an SRO
• Student safety
• Easy communication between law enforcement and school
• Helps kids become comfortable with law enforcement

Catching problems before they happen is the main job of an officer and this is exactly what parents want to happen.

What should we be willing to pay for the safety of students? Money is scarce, but a human life is priceless.